• Having a tough time maintaining team motivation?

  • Manual incentive management is a headache?

Try fair and automated incentives powered by blockchain.

Increase employee motivation and productivity

Intertwining incentives with everyday activities

to increase employee motivation and thereby productivity.

Awards and Recognitions

Driving Internal Processes

Radha is a great java developer. She loves coding her way through each and every bug pointed out by her tester buddies.

But she finds updating the task resolution reports on Jira, the preferred issue reporting tool at her company, too boring.

However, one thing she really loves is her Startbucks Doubleshot on Ice.

Enter Benefits.

With the help of her love for coffee Benefits, drives her to update her tasks on the Jira platform. She now has a motivation to duly report her task completions coz every entry rewards her with something she really loves.

Increasing Retention through Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Productivity, morale, happiness and engagement - peer-to-peer recognition has the power to increase all these parameters among the workforce and help retention.

John was finding it difficult to build a culture of self-driven knowledge sharing sessions within his team. Every time, he forcefully started them, it fizzled out in some time due to lack of motivation.

Enter Benefits.

Each team member awards tokens to the ‘Speaker of the Day’ based on how much they benefitted from the session and each member gets rewarded for attending the session. They can receive, send and redeem tokens on their ‘Benefits’ mobile app. A culture of appreciation has brought the team together and upped their motivation.

Driving Culture Through Smart Contracts

Ganesh started up 2 years ago and has made good progress since. He now has almost 20 members in his team. However, managing the growing team is getting difficult by the day and he is specially struggling to maintain discipline (read timeliness) in the team while offering work hour flexibilities as is the norm in startups.

Enter Benefits.

Benefits connects to the company’s biometric system and the smart contracts use data from it to reward team members - tokens that can be redeemed against Maggi packets from the pantry.

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